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Knife Making Areas of Japan

Japan has a long tradition of knife manufacturing and it is a tradition that is not just limited to one area, like in the UK (Sheffield), Germany (Solingen) or France (Thiers). Japanese knife manufacturing is spread out over the whole country, but generally there are important differences in the types of product coming out of each area. Tsubame-Sanjo Located on the West coast of Japan around the prefecture of Niigata are located Japan’s most famous knife factories. The city of Tsubame has had a large metal working industry since the... Read More


Why Japanese Knives are the best Knives!

Why Japanese Knives are the Best Knives! Japanese Knives have a reputation for being much sharper than their European counterparts, but why is this and why is a sharper knife better? Japanese Knives are generally constructed using much harder steels than European knives. Using hard steel allows Japanese knife makers to make quite thin blades that are able to hold their edges a lot longer than European knives and be sharpened to a much finer point. Japanese knife manufacturing techniques have evolved from traditional sword making techniques in a similar... Read More


Why is a Japanese Knife more expensive?

High End Materials High end materials, like powdered steels, do not come cheap. These steels which are specially made for knives are made in small quantities by very advanced mills. Many of these high-end steels require very specialist knowledge on how to forge and strengthen the steel. Few manufacturers know how to work with steels like this, or simply do not bother as the high price means that knives cannot be made on a mass scale. Many Chinese factories have access to VG-10 or copies of VG-10. The steel used... Read More


Top 10 Best Japanese Chef’s Knives

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef’s Knives Global G-2 Best Looking Exquisite looks and modern design, despite being released over 35 years ago. We still think that Global makes the best all round Japanese knife. Its convex edge means it will stay sharp out the box for a long time. Unlike some of the newer brands, it is not too hard, but will hold a good edge and look great in a set in the kitchen. Tamahagane San SN-1105 For the connoisseur Simply gorgeous to look at and hold, Tamahagane’s 3... Read More

Best Japanese Knife Brands

The Top Japanese Knife Brands The Japanese have an unrivalled ability to make the best chef’s knives in the world. Japanese forging techniques are renowned all over the world and the Japanese mentality of perfection, making sure only the best materials and manufacturing techniques are used, ensures quality. Global Probably the most famous of all the big Japanese knife manufactures. Global have been making their signature range since 1985 when the knives were launched on the worldwide market and were truly revolutionary in design and performance. Global make over 150... Read More


Key Lime Pie

Tired of making the same old desserts that bring about the same flavour experience. Well then look no further as we take a look at one of America’s most iconic desserts – the Key Lime Pie. Named after the unique aromatic key limes that are juicer, tarter than your average lime. Key limes are named after the region where they are grown commercially – the Florida Keys. Originally the Florida Keys were not known for their unique limes, in fact, it wasn’t until the 1920s when a hurricane wiped out... Read More


The Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Philadelphia’s most famous and iconic sandwich. Quite simply of the best classic American comfort foods out there. Thin slices of rib-eye beef, onions, peppers, cheese (Cheez-wiz or Provolone) on a dense chewy roll of bread. In fact, in Philadelphia, the sandwich is simply referred to as “The Cheese Steak”.  The invention of the Philly Cheesesteak goes back to the 1930s when Pat Olivieri, a hot dog vendor, threw chopped beef steak on his grill and added it to a hoagie roll, to make a sandwich. A passing cab driver asked... Read More



Recipes for breading and frying meat exist universally, wherever you find yourself during travels. Breaded meat holds a special place in the hearts of foodies everywhere. From US southern states having the chicken fried steak (aka the country fried steak) to the German-speaking world having the Schnitzel, to Japan having its fabled Chicken Katsu, each continent puts its own spin on this home-style classic. But even before all the aforementioned delectable breaded dishes bubbled to the surface of the culinary world, there was the original – the Italian Cotoletta. A... Read More


Greek Moussaka

The beloved Moussaka. One of Greece’s most famous dishes and for good reason. Moussaka is what dreams are made of, from an omnivore’s standpoint; a layered gratin of combined slices of potatoes, eggplants, zucchinis and minced meat topped with cheesy béchamel. This is about as delicious as Mediterranean comfort food gets. This dish is a perfect way to level up your slicing skills. With layers of potatoes, eggplant and zucchini awaiting your blade you’re going to need to understand that Moussaka is all about the stages of cooking. Greek moussaka... Read More


Tarte Tatin

As we transition away from the cold dark months and into Spring we should pat ourselves on the back. Why not reward yourself with a simple but delicious treat: an Apple Tarte Tatin, a classic French dessert. This famous dessert is the french version of the upside-down tart. Named from the family name of the Tatin sisters, Carolina & Stephine, back in 1888. The history of the Tarte Tatin begins in the family-owned Hôtel Tatin in the Loire Valley. Widely believed to have been born out of culinary clumsiness. Legend... Read More