About us

Knives From Japan is an independent business established in 2016, but we have been sourcing cutlery and kitchen knives from Japan for over 60 years and we know what makes a knife special.

Knives From Japan has been designed to allow you to buy the best Japanese knife brands easily and conveniently online. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service with fast and free delivery to all UK postcode addresses, all at competitive prices.

All of our knives are carefully sourced from suppliers to make sure that we can offer the best possible quality products. We are proud to carry the full range of Global and Tojiro products, even hard to find and more obscure items from their ranges. For the chef that wants something more unique we also carry the full range of some lesser known, but in many cases superior brands like; Tamahagane, Masahiro and Kasumi.

All our kitchen knives are special in their own right. We have put together detailed descriptions and explanations so that you can find the brand that best suits your style of cooking. If you can't decide what you want, we invite you to make an appointment to come see our showroom, where we have samples of every knife for you to try out! We would love to see you and get your opinions.

If you have any comments or feedback, please do get in touch with us at sales@knivesfromjapan.co.uk 

Thank you for your business.