The Tojiro moto is “Ichigo Ichie”, meaning once in a lifetime. Tojiro manufacturers knives whilst thinking always about the user. Tojiro believes that the use of the knife should enrich the user’s life each time that gives the feeling of a once in a lifetime use.

Tojiro is the brand name for knives made by the Fujitora factory in Niigata. Find all the Tojiro knife brands on the Knives From Japan website, including the Senkou, Supreme and Sha Ra Ku Mono ranges. All knives are available as individual pieces or as sets.

Tojiro Senkou

The Tojiro Senkou also known as Flash series, is the showpiece of production from the Tojiro factory. Extremely sharp Japanese knives with the weight and feel of European knives. The blade is made of folded Damascus steel with a 63 layer construction wrapped around a core of VG-10 which has a very high hardness of 62 HRC.

Tojiro Supreme

Sister range to the Tojiro Senkou, but with all stainless steel handles. The Supreme range uses the same VG-10 cores wrapped in 63 layers of Damascus steel.

Tojiro Accessories including knife blocks and sharpeners.

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