For over 100 years, the Kai company has been producing cutlery according to the traditions of the legendary samurai of old in Japan. Kai wish to preserve ancient traditions and to cobine them with innovative knife making techniques to form the basis of new products that honour Japanese blacksmithing while meeting modern demands.

Kai make knives to the highest standards for home and daily use. Each range is carefully crafted to match the natural resources of Japan and shaped into forms for comfort and precision. Still based in Seki, Japan there are now many series of Kai knives to suit the needs of different individuals.


Kai Shun Classic

The Shun classic series, Kai's most popular range of Damascus layered knives. Featuring cores of VG-Max (HRC 61) bevelled blades wrapped in 32 layers of Damascus steel. Finished with Kai's classic black pakkawood handle. A comprehensive range with 35 blade shapes.


Kai Shun Classic White

Matching the Kai Shun classic series, but fitted with white ashwood handles. A limited range of knives for those that prefer a lighter handle.

Kai Shun Premier

Shun's Premier series feature the same VG-Max core blades with 32 layers of Damascus steel with a Tsuchime finish. The Premier series is finished with brown pakkawood handles which has a symmetrical handles suitable for right and left hand users.

Kai Wasabi Black

A value range suited to the rigours of professional kitchens. The Wasabi black series features a single layer of 1K6 steel hardened to 58 HRC. More corrosion resistant than other Kai knives, with water resistant grippy handles.

Kai Shun Nagare

Kai's masterpiece series of 72 layer Damascus steel knives with a unique radial pattern in the blades featuring a 'dual core' of VG-2 and VG-10 steel. Long lasting edge retention, excellent sharpness and ergonomically shaped handles with riveted pakkawood.

Kai Shun Pro Sho

The Shun Pro Sho Series combines classic Japanese form with contemporary features in a sublime fashion. Their blades embossed with an elaborate ornamental pattern, created using an innovative manufacturing process, form the knives’ visual highlight. As in the Shun Classic Series, the elegantly shaped and functional pakkawood handle stands in stark contrast to the blade’s opulent patterns.


Kai Shun Seki Magoroku

Seki Magoroku Redwood is a series of chef’s knives with a robust stainless steel quality and typically Japanese features. The design combines a minimalist shape with traditional Japanese aesthetics. The name stems from the redwood timber used to make the inserted handle. This hardwood has a naturally high oil content and is particularly moisture resistant.


Kai Accessories including knife blocks and sharpeners.

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