Masahiro MV-H

Masahiro Knives are made by Masahiro Co. Ltd in Seki, Japan. Masahiro together with Masamoto and Misono form an elite group of some of the most prestigious knife manufactures in Japan, commonly known as the three M's. This series, know as the MV-H is their top of the line flagship product. Choose from a selection of 22 different Masahiro Knives, or purchase our Masahiro knife block set.


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Masahiro knives are made from one layer of MBS-26 high carbon stainless steel, similar to VG-10. The MBS-26 stainless steel is treated by three stages of tempering and quenching in sub zero temperatures to reach a hardness of 58-60 HRC. This makes the knife slightly softer than VG-10 models, but the knife ultimately has a lot more flexibility. Masahiro's edge is its most important feature. The edge is 80/20 asymmetrical, rather than sharpened equally on both sides. The idea being that the asymmetrical edge is 35% thinner than a 50/50 edge. This fact makes Masahiro's knives sharper than other Japanese knife brands. The handle is made from a moisture resistant resin, which also has anti bacterial properties. With a full tang, the handle is riveted and smooth.

Masahiro knives are recommended for professional or highly skilled amateur chef's who can learn to sharpen the knives correctly.