Since 1948 I Grunwerg Ltd have proudly manufactured knives and scissors in the heart of Sheffield, the steel city and centre of cutlery production in the UK. Whilst the factory closed in the 1970’s the business moved to Rockingham Street, where it remained until 2019, designing and supplying cutlery and kitchen knives to the consumer market. Rockingham Forge takes history of Sheffield knife making and incorporates the materials and manufacturing techniques into modern designs.

Our Rockingham Forge ranges feature many different knife designs. Rockingham Forge Equilibrium is a heavy forged knife range with perfect balance and weight. Our Ashwood series combines renewable materials into an eco friendly knife range. We also have many excellent sharpeners to keep your knives in top condition.

Rockingham Forge Equilibrium

Rockingham Forge Equilibrium is a heavy fully forged knife range with perfect balance and weight. Having tested the Equilibrium range of knives with CATRA sharpness testing equipment, the knives perform favourably against German brands of knives with much higher price points. Made from German steel 1.4116 and hardened to ~56 HRC, these knives are probably the best performance to value range that we sell.

Rockingham Forge Ashwood

The distinct hammered effect of the Ashwood Knife series makes it one of the most sought after collections for any avid chef. The name of the collection is given due to the use of Ashwood to ornament the knife handles. All blades in the Ashwood Knife series are hammered for an aesthetic and functional reason. The distinct hammered texture offers a unique design whilst existing to prevent food from sticking to the edges during use. The German steel blades in the Ashwood collection are a classic addition to any kitchen.


Rockingham Forge Ceramic

Ceramic Knives from Rockingham Forge, featuring incredibly hard blades made from Zirconium. Ceramic knives have the advantage of staying sharp longer than steel knives and being completely inert.

Rockingham Forest Boards

Offering the best and safest surfaces to use with your knives, Rockingham Forest boards are made from a variety of hard and soft woods; Acacia, Rubberwood and Maple to create beautiful designs that are practical as well.

Rockingham Forge Sharpeners

A selection of high quality sharpening products to keep all your knives in top condition. Whetstones, ceramic whetstones, steels and pull through sharpeners. Select from many different grits and qualities.

Rockingham Forge Knife Sets

A selection of our best Rockingham Forge knives in complete knife sets. The best way to show off your collection in specially designed blocks.


Keep Your Knives Sharp

Introducing Rockingham Forge New Ceramic Whetstones Range