Brand Guide

Choosing Which Brand

We often get asked, which is the ‘best’ brand, or which brand do you recommend?

All our knives are razor sharp, precision pieces of equipment that will make food preparation so much more enjoyable. Really the choice comes down to you, the chef, as to what you prefer, what feels comfortable in your hand and what you are using the knife for. Remember you will be using your knife every day as an extension of yourself. If you are unsure of which brand to go for we would recommend paying attention to the following.

-          Weight of the knife. Some brands are heavy, others are very light

-          The shape of the handle. Do you prefer something ergonomic that sits snugly in your hand encouraging a way or holding the knife or something with a more general shape and flexibility?

-          Are you looking for a hard knife or a softer material?

-          What is your budget?

-          What style/look appeals to you?