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Global Knives were introduced to the market by Komin Yamada, a legendary Japanese product designer. He was given a brief to create a range of knives that were truly innovative and different, using the best available manufacturing methods and machinery with the latest stainless steel materials. He created a series of kitchen knives which brought the art of Japanese knife making to Western consumers and chefs. Global Knives use their proprietary steel, Chromova18 in all their knives, a high carbon steel with molybdenum and vanadium mix achieving a hardness rating of 56-58 HRC. This offers knives that are 

All Global ranges use a stainless steel handle, a feature that has become the brand's trademark. Global knives are famous the world over for their outstanding design, performance and ease of use in both home and professional settings. Still the market which all other brands are compared. Choose from their 3 ranges, Global Classic, Ni and Sai. 

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Global knives developed from the art of Japanese sword making. European swords traditionally made for stabbing through armor were made to be thicker and stronger so that they could withstand heavy force. The sword of the Samurai was made for slashing and needed to be razor sharp. Hence while European knives developed from European sword making, Japanese knives developed from Japanese sword making. European cooking which emphasises heavy chopping and cutting are thicker, stronger and made from softer German steel, but ultimately not as sharp or able to retain a sharp edge. The emphasis on Japanese knives is always with the cutting edge. Japanese steel which is much harder than European steel can be made thinner and holds a more acute edge. Japanese cuisine which emphasises slicing and precision lends itself to the knives that are sharper and harder. Global knives were some of the first Japanese knives onto the UK market.

Global Knives are special because of the way they are constructed. They are created with an all stainless steel knife with a seamless join between the handle and the blade. The handles themselves are filled with sand which balances out the weight of the blade creating a knife with ‘perfect balance’ and the knives feel lovely and light in the hand. Global use Chromova18 stainless steel which in a special blend of Japanese Molybdenum Vanadium Steel, ultra-hard at 56-58 on the Rockwell scale. The hard Japanese steel allows the blades to be made quite thin and during the manufacturing process the knife edges are ground to a 15 degree angle rather than typical Western knives which are ground to a 20 degree bevel. Using a more acute angle on the blades makes the blades sharp and keeps Global knives sharper for longer than other knife brands.

Global Knives have developed an extensive range over the years. The original series, labelled here as Global classic contains over 150 individual knives. Global produce the largest collection of knives contained in any single collection. There are cheese knives, Chinese chef’s knives, salmon slicers and butcher’s knives. Literally there is a knife for anyone within the original collection. In addition there are many accessories such as peelers, tongs, scissors and even table cutlery to match this range for the ultimate fan! Store all your items in one of the Global knife blocks, or in the branded chef’s wallets and cases. There are even branded sharpeners in the form of butcher’s steels, Sharpening stones and wheels to keep your knives in top condition. To select a Classic product, choose from the options on the left hand side.

The classic range is supplemented by the SAI a range developed for William Sonoma in the USA. Global used the most up to date manufacturing techniques to create this premium knife collection. The SAI range features similar construction methods to the Classic series, an all stainless steel construction with hollow handles. The use of three ply material retains a core of Chromova18 steel which has been ice hardened for the cutting edge. Two outer layers of 18/10 stainless steel cover the inner core. The outer layers protect the inner layer, but they are shiny and come with a hammered effect finish for a pretty design. The blades themselves are sharpened to a 12.5 acute angle rather than a 15 degree angle. The SAI knives are sharper and will stay sharper for longer than the Classic series and the range should be viewed as the elite series in the Global collection. To see the Global SAI collection, select the sub brand option on the left.

Launched last year in conjunction with Sur La Table in the USA are the Global Ni knives. These knives are more like an upgrade on the existing Classic range and are absolutely superb. These knives share very similar features with the Global classic series, hollow handles perfectly balanced with the blade and made from a single piece of Chromova18 steel. The improvements to the range are firstly a thicker blade for increased strength and weight and secondly an elongated handle with a spine that has been slightly rounded to provide a pinch grip. These knives have a funky oriental styling. The knives perform slightly above the Classic series but in our opinion is the superior range. Choose from many different individual Ni knives by selecting the sub brand on the left.

Today Global knives are still manufactured by hand in Yoshikin’s Niigata factory using time and tested techniques.

All Global knives come with a standard 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee with the option to extend this to 30 years. Global Knives should be well looked after, stored in a knife block or chef’s case and never put in a dishwasher.