Zia Rahim


Japanese Productive Regions for Kitchen Knives

Japan is well-known to be an advanced country in technology, including in the production of knives. Since the feudal era, Japan has developed “Katana”, a traditionally made Japanese sword that was used by samurai. Sword itself is known as a first industrial art object that possessed a brand name. Sword making began in Japan after the manufacturing methods were imported to Japan through Mainland China and the Korean Peninsula. In Momoyama era, at the beginning swords were mainly manufactured at 5 regions in Japan (Soshu [Kanagawa], Bizen [Okayama], Yamato, [Nara],... Read More


Western vs Japanese Knives

Blade Styles 1) Western VS Japanese Style Knives Almost every manufactures makes both Western and Japanese-style knives. What’s more, Japanese knives can also be made with either Western-style blades or handles, or even both. In other words, most companies offer a number of knives in Japanese and Western-style. Also, pretty much all European and American manufacturers produce various knives influenced by the Japanese-style. But, why are Japanese-style knives so special? Namely, the edge of their blade is more long-lasting and doesn’t need frequent sharpening thanks to the harder steel it... Read More


Which whetstone should you choose

Widely recognised and known for their great qualities, Japanese whetstones, also referred to as waterstones, can be both natural and synthetic. These fine-grained stones can be used not only for sharpening Japanese blades, but also any other cutting tools So, there’s no need of buying a new set of knives. All you need is to purchase a whetstone. So, what’s so amazing about whetstones? The thing is that while sharpening knives with a whetstone, the surface particles are washed away pretty fast. This allows new particles, which are sharp, to... Read More