Top 10 Best Japanese Chef’s Knives

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef’s Knives

Global G-2

Best Looking

Exquisite looks and modern design, despite being released over 35 years ago. We still think that Global makes the best all round Japanese knife. Its convex edge means it will stay sharp out the box for a long time. Unlike some of the newer brands, it is not too hard, but will hold a good edge and look great in a set in the kitchen.

Tamahagane San SN-1105

For the connoisseur

Simply gorgeous to look at and hold, Tamahagane’s 3 ply VG-5 core blades are as deadly as they are beautiful. A nice, rounded handle shape suitable for anyone this knife will make quick work of any veg.

Kasumi Damascus SM-88020

Best for Damascus

When we saw these knives, our eyes just went wow. A western knife with a round handle similar to a tradition Japanese knife, Kasumi uses a VG-10 core with Damascus cladding on the blade. Razor sharp bevelled edges just slice through anything, they are so sharp.

Hinoura Tsukasa – FOG001P

Where money is no object

We went out with an unlimited budget to source the technically perfect and best-looking knife we could find. These knives are handmade by the celebrity of all celebrity blacksmiths in Japan, Mr Hinoura Tsukasa, who has a 5 year wait list for some of his knives. Featuring Blue Paper Steel cores, regarded to be the best carbon steel for knives available, clad with ‘Gobi’ copper, brass and stainless-steel Damascus cladding. We are not sure whether these knives are works of art or are supposed to be used.

Yoshida Hamono  – 7434

For Sharpness Freaks

Made from ZDP-189, a steel that can be hardened up to 67 Rockwell, this knife will hold an extremely fine edge. Not too bad to look at either.

Masahiro MH-911

No Nonsense Japanese Knife

Masahiro makes a European style knife that cuts through anything with ease. A black riveted handle makes the knife look ordinary, but the blade is given a special asymmetric edge by the Masahiro factory, which it says makes the cutting edge 35% thinner.

Global Ni – GN-009

For Futuristic Looks

The big brother to the original Global series, but with thicker blades and an extra sharpening process. The knife has been designed in a Kiritsuke style to add an extra oriental edge to the knife. Made from Cromova18 steel, the knife will make quick work of any Sunday roast with wonderfully thin slices.

Shiro Kamo – TKV-5/CHF210

Handmade Heaven

Shiro Kamo knives are all handmade in the tradition Japanese style. These knives have super Aogami cores, one of the best carbon steels available.

Tojiro Senkou – SK-6321

Heston Blumenthal’s Choice

As used by Heston in the Fat Duck, these heavyweight knives will make short work of any veg. Damascus cladding and intricate Micarta handles, are great chef’s knives to own

Kai Shun Premier – TDM-1706

Best of Shun

Top of the range Shun Knives, with mirror finished blades and Damascus cladding. Great knives to use on Sunday Roasts, will always impress guests.

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