Why Japanese Knives are the best Knives!

Why Japanese Knives are the Best Knives!

Japanese Knives have a reputation for being much sharper than their European counterparts, but why is this and why is a sharper knife better?

Japanese Knives are generally constructed using much harder steels than European knives. Using hard steel allows Japanese knife makers to make quite thin blades that are able to hold their edges a lot longer than European knives and be sharpened to a much finer point.

Japanese knife manufacturing techniques have evolved from traditional sword making techniques in a similar way to how European Knives evolved. Whereas European knives were made for stabbing and had to be strong, Japanese Swords were made for slashing and were long and had to be sharp. Similarly European knives, which were suited towards European cooking; heavy chopping, favoured more robust blades that were dishwasher safe and had a large bolster to protect fingers.

The first commercial Japanese knives on the market were Global knives in the late 80’s. Global knives were very quirky, they had no bolster, so the blades could be sharpened like razors. They were ultra-light and looked incredible with their all stainless steel handle.

Global knives set the tone for the entry of Japanese knives into Western markets. They were sharper, better balanced and more refined. Chef’s and amateur chef’s alike, loved them.

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