Story of Tojiro Knives

The Tojiro moto is “Ichigo Ichie”, meaning once in a lifetime. Tojiro manufacturers knives whilst thinking always about the user. Tojiro believes that the use of the knife should enrich the user’s life each time that gives the feeling of a once in a lifetime use.

The history of Tojiro started after WW2 when it released an all stainless steel fruit knife in 1955. At that time, stainless steel knives performed poorly compared to their carbon steel counterparts. Tojiro began making carbon steel knives, continuously improving on the production. Tojiro believe that a knife is more than about the cutting edge, their corporate message is, “more than just sharpness.”

Tojiro produce knives that not only have exceptional sharpness but that also feel comfortable in your hands.

Tradition and innovation are part of the Tojiro manufacturing process. Tojiro always prefers to use clad steel, steel that is forged in the same way as the traditional Japanese Katana sword. The area that the factory in located in, Tsubame, in Niigata prefecture has always been at the forefront of Japanese steel making and so Tojiro have always had good access to the best metal suppliers.

Tojiro merges Japanese tradition with modern technology, pressing out sheets of clad steel by stamping machine. Although these machines have allowed the knife making process to become more efficient, Tojiro still relies on the skill and instinct of its master craftsmen. Tojiro values the skills of every single one of it team. Every master craftsman must be satisfied with every product. Tojiro products are held in the highest regards not just in Japan but all over the world.

Tojiro Senkou DP (Flash)

“A knife so beautifully made, so unparalleled in perfection, that it seems to be a piece of art.” The Tojiro Senkou also known as Flash series, is the showpiece of production from the Tojiro factory.Once you put one of these knives in your hands, you will instantly feel a perfection of East meets West design. Extremely sharp Japanese knives with the weight and feel of European knives.

The blade is made of folded Damascus steel with a 63 layer construction wrapped around a core of VG-10 which has a very high hardness of 62 HRC. The cutting edge is as sharp as anything you will find. The bulky handles are made from Micarta with a stainless steel inset, adding style and design. Tojiro Senkou knives come in a large range of different shapes and sizes to suit. It’s no wonder that these knives are Heston Blumenthal’s knife of choice. Tojiro Senkou knives are used in the Fat Duck restaurant in Bray.

Tojiro Supreme

Tojiro Supreme knives, are insanely sharp. The sister range to the Senkou with an all stainless steel handle. Tojiro Supreme knives by the Tojiro factory are prized for their silky smooth looks.

These knives are made out of the finest 63 layer Damascus steel wrapped around a VG-10 core to provide a very hard cutting edge (Rockwell 60-62). The handles are made from a hollow stainless steel that is comfortable to use.

Tojiro Sharuku Mono

The Fujitora factory, like Global and Tamahagane is based in Tsubame Japan. An old and established cutlery manufacturer, Fujitora trace their history back to the ancient art of Samurai sword manufacturing. After Samurai sword production was banned, Tojiro became a world class knife manufacturer. They watched enviously as their rivals, the Yoshikin factory picked up numerous award for their award winning Global series of knives. The Fujitora factory manufacturing the Tojiro brand, produces some of the highest quality knives and most consistently excellent knives in the world. Using superior craftsmanship not just in the traditional Japanese knife making methods, but also in the production of hollow handle knives, they set out to produce a range of knives equal to Global.

The Sha Ra Ku mono range was developed in answer to Global. Fujitora hired the same designer, the famous Komin Yamada to design a range of knives for them. It was designed in an east meets west design concept, to develop Japanese products that appealed to Western tastes. The range has a distinctive angular pattern, to call back to the traditional Samurai sword, whilst the black dot motif in the handle represents a row of urban windows. The blades made of Molybdenum Vanadium steel offer good cutting performance with high levels of durability.It represents excellent value for money, you can enjoy premium quality Japanese knives at value pricing. There is a full range 20 knives to enjoy in this range, with a variety of shapes and styles suitable for all kinds of cooking.