How to Sharpen Double-edged Knives

How to choose the Whetstone

To take off the fine scratches and the burr left by coarser stones, and polish the surface, one can use stones starting around 2000 grain. 


First, it's important to soak the whetstone before you begin sharpening until the bubbles stop surfacing.

The stone should be vertically in front of you and make sure that it has a stable base.

If you have a small nick on your blade hold the blade at a 45 degree angle from the surface of the stone. If you are just looking to do some light sharpening, hold it at a shallower angle

If you run your fingers from spine to edge on the side that was facing up you should be able to feel the burr, If not, continue sharpening.


Repeat the same process from steps 3 to the other side of the knife.


Brush the blade on canvas or denim fabric to realign the edge for a finishing touch.