Japanese knives are characterized by its fine and delicate edge which can slice very well. This sharpness is necessary to keep umami of ingredients and to present beautiful food. One thing must be concerning is that the blades of Japanese knives easily get damaged and need regular maintenance. Cutting boards are the most important factor to maintain the quality of the fine blades. While hard plastic cutting boards can easily damage the knives, some wooden cutting boards are blade friendly. Recently due to sanitary regulations by health departments, wooden cutting boards are no longer able to be used in some countries or areas. This is where Hasegawa cutting boards come in. Our cutting boards have the surface whose softness is a perfect match for the delicate blades of Japanese knives. In addition to the softness which does not hurt the blades, the blades do not slip on the surface, and are able to grab ingredients to cut them entirely. To reach the perfect softness of the surface, it took us repeated trials. It was possible for us, because of our unique technology that we used for ski materials. The wood core structure enabled us to create cutting boards with the soft surface, which stays rigid and durable

NSF Soft Mat for Cutting Boards for Japanese Knives

Soft Cutting Boards for Japanese Knives

PE Cutting Boards Wooden Core for Japnaese Knives

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