Caring For Your Knives

Japanese Knife Washing:

Whilst all our knives are made from Stainless Steel, they are not 'Stain Proof' and will rust if they are not properly looked after. Stainless Steel only implies that they have a resistance to rusting.

All Knives should be washed by hand with mild soapy detergent immediately after use and dried with a towel. Never wash any Japanese knife in a dishwasher. Putting knives in the dishwasher ruins the edge of the blades, changes the chemistry of the material and will cause Japanese knives to rust or otherwise. The harsh salts, extreme temperatures and movement of items in the dishwasher combine to be quite destructive on high end knives. For that reason washing knives in the dishwasher voids all guarantees.

Japanses Knives Sharpening:

All our knives come out the packaging fabulously sharp and should not need sharpening for many months according to your use (1-3 months for a professional chef, 6-12 months for a home user). In our opinion the best way to sharpen a Japanese knife is with a whetstone, which if used correctly will get the best results as they sharpen the face of the blade. It is well worth learning how to use a whetstone correctly. 'Pull-Through' sharpeners are the next best option, they are very easy to use, although will only sharpen the very tip (bevel) of the knife, so will need to be used more frequently and will not provide as good results. Whilst we sell various ceramic butcher's steels this is our least preferred option, as they are really only good for honing the blades and more suited for professional kitchen settings.

Knife Storage:

All knives should be stored safely in a block, chef's case, magnetic rack in order to keep them out of reach and protect the knives. Various solutions are available, the best are those that are convenient or add a feature to your workplace or kitchen!