What is a Gyuto knife?

The Gyuto is a Japanese version to the western Chef’s knife that usually has a blade length of 180-300mm. The name ‘Gyuto’ literally translates to ‘Cow blade’ and as the name suggests, was originally used for large cuts of meat like beef however has since become known as an all-rounder in the kitchen.

How to pronounce Gyuto?

We’ve all been there, I’ve certainly been there and still mispronounce it every now and then. Gyuto is pronounced ‘G-You-Toe’ (pronounced just like ‘you’ but with a hard ‘G’ sound at the beginning)

Gyuto Anatomy

The Gyuto is a long knife with a tall heel giving it a good clearance for your hands. The blade begins with a flat edge but gradually curves up to meet the spine which curves down to a sharp point at the tip. This shape makes the Gyuto suitable for a range of cutting techniques with the curve helping to achieve a rocking motion and the fine tip can be used in more precise cuts.

What can I cut with a Gyuto?

As I’ve mentioned, the Gyuto was originally meant for use on large cuts of meat however it is now largely regarded as an all-rounder and the Japanese version of the western Chef’s knife. This makes it a good tool to use when cutting meats, fruits, vegetables, fish, and herbs.

What is the difference between a Gyuto and a Western Chef’s knife?

At first glance the Gyuto and western Chef’s knife can look very similar, however, there are many differences to consider. The Gyuto is a much thinner knife and can be much sharper than its western counterpart however this superior sharpness comes at a cost. The Japanese Gyuto is much harder as well and therefore more brittle so unlike the western Chef’s knife it cannot be used on bones or to crush ingredients for risk of chipping or cracking the blade. Despite this, they are one of the most useful and versatile tools in the kitchen and are favoured by many professionals in the industry.

What is the difference between the Santoku knife and a Gyuto knife?

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