Kasumi Damascus 7 Piece Knife Block Set

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  • Kasumi Damasus 7 Piece Knife Block Set
  • Contains 6 Knives;  SM-82008 - 8cm Paring Knife, SM-82014 - 14cm Utility Knife, SM-88020 - 20cm Chef's Knife, SM-86025 - 25cm Bread Knife, SM-84016 - 16cm Boning Knife, SM-84020 - 20cm Carving 
  • Wood Block with Magnetic Support for Knives
  • Block Fits 6 Knives Only
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Made in Japan

Kasumi Block Set With 6 Knives (SM-606/7) We have put together a fantastic set of Kasumi knives for the ultimate Kasumi connoisseur. These knives all sit comfortably in Kasumi's own branded wood and magnetic Block set, which look stunning when put together. Buying in a set offers considerable savings over buying the knives individually. 

This set is put together by Knives From Japan and so each item will arrive packaged individually. In the rare event one item is out of stock we will call to advise a replacement item if we receive an order. As with all our knives, we recommend hand washing only.


 The paring knife is a light-weight short blade with a pointed tip that is better suited for more delicate responsibilities that the kitchen knife would be too big for. The durable edge can suit more heavy-duty root vegetables or more deft actions like peeling and trimming.

Considered to be between a Chef’s knife and a paring knife, the Utility knife or ‘the Petty’ is an all-rounder when it comes to the knives within a kitchen at the Chef’s disposal. A convenient tool that can cater to cutting that the Chef’s knife would be too big for or when handling cutting jobs too large for a paring knife.

The essential knife in a Chef’s collection; also known as a Cook’s knife was initially designed and used to disjoint massive cuts of beef. The Chef’s knife, today, is the multi-functioning and versatile food preparation knife in the kitchen, the ultimate utility knife.

The serrated bread knives are characterised by their sections of grooves that run perpendicular to the blade edge to enable cutting without the use of excessive force. Perfect for cutting through hard crusts of bread loaves, baguettes, bagels, and for soft items such as tomatoes, cakes with fluffy textures; primarily for most foods with a hard exterior but soft interior.

The boning knife is typically characterised with a very sharp point and narrow blade and primarily used in the preparation of meats such as poultry, seafood and beef. The Honesuki or boning knife features a distinctively Japanese style of a triangular shape that is very rigid compared to the Western-style boning knife.

These make brilliant knives to use where food is brought to the table and carved in front of people, repeatedly.

Knives only for age 18+ We use background age checks using the electoral roll and age checks on delivery.