Hatsukokoro Kumokage Blue2 Kurouchi Damascus Nakiri with Teak handle

Kumokage Blue2 Kurouchi Damascus Nakiri
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  • Kurouchi Finish
  • Damascus Nakiri 
  • 62-63 HRC
  • High Carbon
  • Soft Iron Cladding
  • Blue Steel 2
  • Octagonal Teak Handle with Black Buffalo Ferrule
  • Made in Japan

Absolutely Gorgeous! That’s how we would describe the Hatsukokoro Kumakage Blue 2 with Kurouchi and Damascus finish knives. When being unboxed, you can really see where the range gets its name from “Cloud Shadow “. Looking at the blade the soft Iron cladding with the Kurouchi finish is then hand sharpened to show a beautifully polished Damascus finish under the Iron cladding to then expose the Blue 2 steel core. When looking intently at the blade the contrast of the Iron cladding against the Damascus and Blue 2 steel edge almost looks as if you are looking up at a cloudy sky which is broken by patches of dark and light clouds. Having the core of Blue 2 steel it should be known that whilst this is one of the most premium quality steel cores available on the market but there is a high carbon content which makes them reactive. A little bit of TLC is all that is required with a few drops of camellia oil to keep the reactive blade in a protective coating. The edge gives an HRC of 62-63 and the handle is octagonal in teak with a black buffalo horn bolster.

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