Katana Saya is the universal knife brand of our times, encompassing the very best of our different cultures and traditions. The Katana was the prized sword of the Samurai with its extra sharp blade fashioned from folded Damascus Steel. The blades of our knives are similarly crafted from Japanese VG-10 Damascus Steel. The Katana was always protected inside a Sheath, or Saya. We believe our knives are equally precious and deserve the same level of protection, but here we give you a choice! For Japanese traditionalists, we present the traditional Japanese style knives with traditional Wooden Saya, to match the knife handles. For those of a more Westernised nature, we have adapted the series to represent all the popular Western-style blades, and provided a more modern and practical storage and safety solution, with a real leather sheath. The handles of our Katana Saya knives offer a further choice. They are all crafted from the finest wooden material in the traditional chestnut shape to give a safe grip and perfect balance. You may choose either the traditional dark Pakkawood handles, or the light Olive Wood handle alternative.

67 Layers of the highest quality steel with a high carbon content brings an exceptional toughness. VG-10 blends the durability of carbon steel with the corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel. VG-10 steel is one of the most premium steels in Japanese culinary products. This high-quality VG-10 stainless steel is hard and unbreakable and can reach a Rockwell hardness rating of up to 63HRC. Furthermore, VG-10 steel delivers one of the best 

Western Range Pakkawood Handles

Eastern Range Pakkawood Handles

Western Range Olive Wood Handles


Eastern Range Olive Wood Handles