Nesmuk Exklusiv NESMUK EXCLUSIVE C150 Slicer 16cm

201 Layer Damascus
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  • Nesmuk Exklusiv C150 116cm Slicer Knife
  • 201 Layers of Wild Damascus Steel
  • Double Sided Hollow Grind
  • NPC Coating
  • Includes Leather Strop, Leather Sheath, Polished Lacquer Case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Made to Order

201 layers of damask steel, 160 mm, 64-65 HRC, 1 masterpiece: It takes more than four dozen work steps to produce a Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE C150 slicer - a knife that can only be made in the hands of a master blacksmith. The faceted blade with hollow grinding on both sides ensures less clinging material and is ideal for filleting due to its slim silhouette. Carbon content: 1.5%.

The thin cutting layer, which is also visible on the back of the blade, must be placed exactly in the middle and forged - with every single hammer blow on the glowing steel it is decided whether a masterpiece is created. Only mastery of this art turns a very good blacksmith into a master blacksmith.

The unique damask pattern makes each blade distinctive and each knife unique. In recognition of the craftsmanship, each individual knife is elaborately assembled, sharpened, polished and finally receives its individual certificate of authenticity and quality.

The structure of the Damascus steel of the C150 series differs from that of the other EXCLUSIVE series C100 and C90. The damask layers are made of special alloys that are flexible and at the same time produce an even more brilliant, very high-contrast pattern. The 201 layers of flexible damask steel enclose a cutting layer made of one of the purest carbon steels ever. This guarantees maximum sharpness and an exceptional hardness of 65 HRC. Thanks to the flexible Damascus steel on the outside, the hard cutting position in the middle is less prone to breakage. The perfect combination of hardness and flexibility.

The C150 blades are completely ground by hand in order to be able to work out the cutting position perfectly and in the centre. The double-sided, faceted hollow grinding is a very demanding work step that requires skill and a steady hand.

Only the best knife makers with many years of experience carry out this work in the Nesmuk factory.

These knives are made to order and delivery can takae 3-4 weeks.

Knives only for age 18+ We use background age checks using the electoral roll and age checks on delivery.