Global G G-636/6B Six Piece Knife Block

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A Great selection of popular knives that includes G-55 Cook's 18cm Knife, GS-61 Bread 16cm Knife, GS-5 Vegetable 14cm Knife, GSF-15 Paring 8cm Knife and GSF-22 Utlity 11cm Knife. 


 The G-55 is 18cm.Slightly smaller  in size and comes with the large G series handle, meaning that the blade is a little shorter. This gives you more control or might feel less overwhelming if you are a smaller person, all these knives will do the same task in the kitchen, the size is just a matter of preference.

What is a bagel knife? Well it took a long time to explain to our Japanese suppliers what a bagel was and why we eat so many of them. Apparently it is a very American/British thing. Really the Global range was missing a small bread knife.

The GS-5 is the little brother of the G-5 vegetable chopper, with the same shape of blade in a smaller proportion. These knives take their inspiration from Japanese Usaba (Vegetable Knives), the relatively flat parts of the blade are designed to chop through fruit and vegetables and come into full contact with the chopping board and give a clean cut. 

The GSF-15 is the most popular petty knife in the Global range and is very often found in set combinations. Its little 8cm blade is good for all those small kitchen tasks, peeling, cutting fruit and small delicate kitchen work. 

The GSF-22 has been named a utility knife as it is really good for anything. Being in the GSF range it is also fully forged and quite a bit more robust than the GS-11 (the hollow handled version). It is a brilliant knife and often included in various block sets. Long enough as well to fillet fish or use as a small carving knife it really does pay homage to its title as a 'Utility Knife'.

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