Rockingham Forge Ceramic LCW-05CH Chef's Knife with Sheath 13cm

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Known for making high-quality knives, the all-purpose Ceramic Knives by Rockingham Forge are incredibly light-weight and durable; our knives are built to last. Built using traditional techniques and materials, their classic designs and ergonomic handling is perfect for amateur chefs all the way to professionals. Ceramic Knives are easier to clean, and their superior cutting performance is a definite factor due to the fact that their ceramic edge stays sharper compared to most stainless steel knives. The Rockingham Forge Knives Ceramic blade edges are 10 times more shaper than stainless steel blades and are even more resistant to food acids. Being of a ceramic build, they will never leave a metallic taste with the food that they cut and stylishly come in either black or white colour. All knives in the Rockingham Forge Ceramic Collection come with their nifty knife sheath.

The essential knife in a Chef’s collection; also known as a Cook’s knife was initially designed and used to disjoint massive cuts of beef. The Chef’s knife, today, is the multi-functioning and versatile food preparation knife in the kitchen, the ultimate utility knife.

Perfect for most type of slicing, dicing and chopping but also capable of handling more heavy-duty roles such as the cutting of thick root vegetables and dense meat. The curved blade enables the rocking of the knife on a cutting board to mince fruit and vegetables quickly.


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