Recipe: Black Rice Paella

This Christmas, most of us will be spending plenty of time at home, and you know what that means: lots of cooking and eating in! You may already have your roast turkey dinner prepared, but what about all those before and after meals? (We can’t just have turkey over the festive season, after all…) With only two weeks to go until Christmas, now’s the time to amp up your kitchen repertoire.  This time, we are exploring arròs negre, a dish that is sure to impress your dinner guests and transport... Read More


Recipe: Japanese Swiss Rolls

It may surprise you to know that Swiss rolls, despite its name, did not originate from Switzerland. In fact, its origins are unknown, although it has been said that the dessert originally came from Austria. Its distinct spiral shape and tasty flavours have made it a popular dessert across the world, and many countries have created their own distinct versions over the years.  In Japan, for example, Swiss rolls are known as “roll cake”, and are often filled with whipped cream and fruits such as strawberries. Recipe Ingredients: While it... Read More


Recipe: Healthy Japanese Breakfast

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast, so why not make it the healthiest as well? Forget cereal or bacon and eggs, this beautifully presented breakfast has everything you need to kickstart your day the right way! The Japanese breakfast is a well-balanced mix of steamed rice, miso soup, vegetables, grilled salmon and pickles. Packed with protein and full of vital nutrients! This Japanese breakfast recipe makes for one big breakfast. Ingredients: 1 cup of sushi rice 1 ¼ cup water Furikake for serving ½ cup... Read More


Wanpaku Sando Recipe

Take your sandwich game to a whole new level with this recipe for Wanpaku Sando. Exploding with delicious filling, Wanpaku sandos pack a colourful punch with its artistic layering of vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs. This sandwich lets you adapt your choice of filling according to your personal taste, which means there are endless experiments to have fun and be bold. Our recipe is inspired by Just One Cookbook’s Wanpaku sandwich, however, we’ve chosen to use cheese, deli meats and a perfectly boiled jammy egg!  Before we start, ensure you... Read More