Tamahagane San Tsubame 3 Piece Set With Magnetic Knife Block

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  • Magnetic Block to hold  up to 5 knives
  • Block dimensions 24cm tall and  35cm wide
  • Strong magnets holding knives securely
  • Made from Luxury Ashwood
  • Stainless Steel base
  • Knives are not included with block


A wonderful Ashwood magnetic knife block that holds up to 5 knives. Being magnetic it holds the knives securely whilst allowing the user to see the knives whilst keeping a neat aesthetic style for any kitchen countertop. The magnetics are extremely strong so as to ensure no loss of magnet strength over time. Finished in either a deep brown or jet black finish to match most kitchens.


SNMH-1105- 21cm Chef's Knife: We have 3 sizes of chef's knives available in the Tamahagane San Tsubame series, 18cm, 21cm, 24cm. Whisper it very quietly, but we have it on good authority that these are technically the best blades that we sell. That does not mean the best selling or best design, but if you want literally the best quality Japanese knives that are available in one knife, choose a Tamahagane San Tsubame chef's knife. These knives are good for anything but are so sharp they can be used as razors. The knives are so sharp due to the consistency and skill of Nosawa San's factory. Tamahagane blades regularly outperform better-known brands in CATRA tests and tend to be the sharpest out the box knives available. These chef knives are particularly pleasant to look at, with the misty stainless steel material used in the construction and the hammered pattern to the blades.

SNMH-1116-16cm Vegetable Knife: Tsubame's vegetable knives are in the shape of traditional Japanese Nakiri knives. These are specialist chopping knives, with quite flat blades to ensure clean cuts through to the chopping board. Keep an eye on your hands though because these knives are very sharp, these knives will cut through any vegetable so cleanly leaving you wondering if the knife went through. There are two sizes, 16cm and 18cm and to be honest, there is very little difference between the blades.

SNMH-1108-12cm Utility Knife: There are two utility knives in the Tsubame range a 12cm and a 15cm. They are both suitable for a variety of tasks and have narrow and thin blades. They can be used for filleting or slicing small joints of meat.

Knives only for age 18+ We use background age checks using the electoral roll and age checks on delivery.